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Mosbeck verlässt Team Curse

Überraschend kam nun die Meldung dass Justin 'mosbeck' Mosbeck das nordamerikanische Team Curse verlässt. Nachdem Team Curse auf den ESEA Season 14 Finals in Dallas, im Consolation Final mit 2:0 gegen compLexity Gaming ausschied und einen 3. Platz erreichte, gab nun der Spieler mosbeck bekannt, dass er nicht länger bei Team Curse spielen werde.

Justin 'mosbeck' Mosbeck verlässt das Team, da er mit dem Spielstil des Teams und seinen zugewiesenen Positionen und Rollen unglücklich und unzufrieden war. Näheres dazu erfahrt ihr im offiziellen Statement von mosbeck.

Statement Justin 'mosbeck' Mosbeck:

When I first got the offer from Curse I couldn't be more excited to play for arguably one of the best teams in NA. I was dedicated, active, motivated, and they had the exact same goals and mindset of what they wanted out of CS. When I started practicing with them right away it just didn't mesh well, regardless if we were winning it just wasn't something that I enjoyed. I was put into roles that I wasn't used to, playing spots I don't normally play, but this was expected considering they had strats and setups based off how stan played and that's the role they needed me to play. We changed it up a bit, and me and anger were thrown into an entry type role on most maps and AZK was the lurker.

Playing on Sam Marine's team, the difference was night and day. I had a lot of freedom to kind of do what I wanted and what I was comfortable with. Probably about a month before the LAN I made the team aware that I just didn't enjoy my time playing with them, it wasn't against any of the people on the team it just wasn't what I had hoped for. I basically said that after the ESEA LAN i'll be looking to play for a different team, they were upset but could understand where I was coming from and still let me play the ESEA LAN with them even though stan would have been able to attend.

Now to talk about my LAN performance because I'm sure a there's quite a few people who are eager to know what had happened. Simply put, I was nervous. I wasn't comfortable playing with the team from the start and I wasn't comfortable on LAN and it showed, big time. I'm not going to try and make up a bunch of excuses, because bottom line I did under perform. Going into it I was fairly confident and believe me, if I thought I was going to play as poorly as I did I wouldn't of went. I'm using this LAN as experience and to help me grow as a better player for future tournaments with whoever it may be. For now there are a few teams in mind that I have been talking to, nothing set in stone. I'm hoping the community will give me the chance to really show that it was a bad LAN but I can bounce back and only use that LAN as motivation to play better for the next tournament.

Aktuelles Lineup Team Curse:
us Eric 'adreN' Hoag
us Todd 'anger' Williams
us Tyler 'Skadoodle' Latham
ca Keven 'AZK' Larivière

Man darf gespannt sein zu welchem Team es mosbeck führt. Er wird den ESWC 2013 Online Qualifier mit tck, frozt, monte und dboorN bestreiten, bleibt aber trotzdem auf Teamsuche.

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leonay0123 schrieb am 23.08.2013, 23:39 CEST:
kommentiert keiner
stroX schrieb am 23.08.2013, 23:49 CEST:
leonay0123 schrieb:
kommentiert keiner

hainz schrieb am 24.08.2013, 07:42 CEST:
Warum auch? Die deutsche CSGO Szene ist doch viel zu sehr beschäftigt sich bei solchen News gegenseitig kaputtzuflamen. Quasi zu viel zu tun um aufs Ausland zu achten.... xD
GQ1 schrieb am 24.08.2013, 14:16 CEST:
Also mosbeck ist mir irgendwie von Team Curse am wenigsten aufgefallen...
stroX schrieb am 24.08.2013, 16:00 CEST:
GQ1 schrieb:
Also mosbeck ist mir irgendwie von Team Curse am wenigsten aufgefallen...

Laut seinem statement meinte er auch er war viel zu nervös auf den Finals der S14 deshalb kam der auch nicht stark rüber ;)
raiZe.BaY schrieb am 26.08.2013, 10:27 CEST:
schade um ihn, freiwillig vom top team aus amerika zurückzutreten, harte decision.

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