Wechsel: Francis 'kiko' Lao und Arya 'arya' Hekmat verlassen das Team28.08.2013, 14:00

MonoManiac ersetzen zwei Spieler

Kurz nachdem Justin 'mosbeck' Mosbeck das Team Curse verlassen hat, betritt er zusammen mit Eric 'kaotic' McCown die MonoManiacs. Sie ersetzen somit Francis 'kiko' Lao und Arya 'arya' Hekmat. Das Team hat damit die Konsequenzen, nach dem schlechten Abschneiden auf den ESEA Invite Season 14 Finals in Dallas, gezogen.

Wo die beiden Spieler, welche das Team verlassen haben, in Zukunft unterkommen ist fraglich, jedoch gibt es Gerüchte dass beide zusammen ein eigenes Team organisieren werden um auch zuküntig aktiv zu bleiben.

Statement Preston 'juv3nile' Dornon:

We had a great season 14. Our LAN didn’t go quite the way we wanted, but it was a good learning experience and we will take what we learned and improve on it. To continue to improve and move into season 15, we will be picking up 2 players we have played with before and that we know will fit in, in and out of game.

"I can’t wait for the off season tournaments (ESWC and MSI Beat it quali’s) and getting ready for the upcoming season. I would like to thank ‘Arya’ and ‘Kiko’ for playing with us this season and at LAN.

Statement Justin 'mosbeck' Mosbeck:

Joining Monomaniac was relatively easy decision, I’ve known these guys for quite a while and we get along great. Me and juv3nile first played with each other in ESEA-IM where we dominated the competition without losing a single match. This guaranteed us a spot in ESEA-invite.

"All the previous experience playing with juv3nile should translate well and show very promising results. Our plans right now are to attempt to qualify for ESWC as well as MSI Beat it. We’re amping up the practice schedule and we’re all more motivated than ever.

"With the time we’re going to put in as well as the dedication and motivation everyone has i’m very confident in us being able to qualify for these events. Our main goal right now is to get recognized as one of the best teams in NA and be able to compete at an international level.

"Realistically we want to be a top 3 team going into ESEA and secure a spot for the LAN final. I’m very hopeful for the future, it looks very promising for us!

Lineup MonoManiac:
us Preston 'juv3nile' Dornon
us Eric 'kaotic' McCown
ca Justin 'mosbeck' Mosbeck
us Will 'RUSH' Wierzba
us Zach 'tm-' Miller

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