Wechsel: kassad beendet Karriere - YNk verlässt das Team20.11.2013, 14:00

iNation mit zwei Wechseln

Nachdem iNation Anfang November sich von ihrer Organisation Refuse getrennt haben, wechselte man im Zuge der Umstrukturierung aus. Gehen musste Nemanja 'k1Ng0r' Bošković aufgrund interner Differenzen, die man nicht klären konnte. Damals kam Nestor '1NTEL' Tanić hinzu. Nun beendet Aleksandar 'kassad' Trifunović seine Karriere und Janko 'YNk' Paunović verlässt das Team, dafür kommt unter anderem k1Ng0r zurück.

Noch vor zwei Wochen konnte das Team das Belgrade Gaming Festival auf dem ersten Platz abschließen und sich 600 EUR erspielen. Nun beendet allerdings der Ansager Aleksandar 'kassad' Trifunović seine Karriere und verlässt das Team, sowie Janko 'YNk' Paunović der das Team verlassen hat, wohl aber weiter spielen wird.

Dafür hat man sich mit Nemanja 'k1Ng0r' Bošković einen alten Kollegen zurückgeholt, der Anfang November noch aufgrund andauernder interer Differenzen das Team verlassen musste. Komplettiert wird das Lineup von Anel 'NENO' Ceković, welcher aktuell in der mazedonischen Nationalmannschaft im European Championship spielt.

Statement Aleksandar 'kassad' Trifunović gegenüber

As I have indicated before the Gaming Fesivala finals, my time has passed, even before the tournament I knew that this would probably be my last LAN event as an active player. My goal at the beginning of all this back in January was to lay our scene on a high level, and I think I succeeded that. I knew even then that I would at some point have to let them play without me. That moment has arrived and is now on the guys to continue to practice and to play well and Iwill just watch and enjoy. As for the King and Neno, they are outstanding players, no doubt they will play great. What concerns me is whether I have a mentality to keep things together. I was hoping that it would be Janko , but he went on his way, he had his reasons and I understand it completely. I enjoyed every moment and in every round and map , either defeat or victory , all my teammates were great and I wish them all the luck. In particular, I would point out Janka 'YNK' Paunovic as one of the best teammates I’ve ever had.

Statement Nemanja 'k1Ng0r' Bošković gegenüber

I think this team is very strong and that we have much to do and whether it will succeed depends entirely on us and our efforts. There were some other plans, but this is the end of this team, a team that has great potential and we all agree, a serious team in the Balkans without Nikolinho is hard to imagine. Neno is an all round player who is very important for the team and I think he will improve our game in mid round as in clutch situations, and that will be important in general for the team in every way. I also hope you will stay with us kassad as its importance for the development of a huge and vital and definitely going to need his help in this new lineup. It will be necessary, as I said a lot of work and effort, but hope for the best.

Lineup iNation:
ba Nikola 'NiKolinho' Kovač
rs Luka 'em1' Vuković
rs Nestor '1NTEL' Tanić
rs Nemanja 'k1Ng0r' Bošković
mk Anel 'NENO' Ceković

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tabseN schrieb am 20.11.2013, 14:38 CET:
NENO sehr guter zugang gefällt !
awN1 schrieb am 20.11.2013, 15:45 CET:
kenn ich nicht :o

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