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Csgo Spieler wird im RL wegen Skins überfallen

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G4merHoly Threadersteller 194 Beiträge
Hello, people of Reddit! I wanted to share an incident that recently happened to a good friend of mine, BooM.
He lives in Russia. He used to be a pretty rich trader, owned about 5 FN DLores previously. This is what he told me, and what I believe to be true.
01/21/2016 - Today at 2:40 I was approached by 4 guys from the 2 of them were their guns. They surrounded me on all sides, and said, Come with us, and everything will be fine. I went with them, they led me to some clearing, there took the phone and threatened with pistols forced to keep your password (I certainly did) and then 5 minutes later they gave me the phone and ran away when I got home I discovered that things on account not! When I began again to think clearly, I called the police. To me the police came, I wrote a letter. As for the evidence: -Can Send you a copy of the statement that I wrote to the police -or the video evidence (any) The price of my equipment was 1650000 rubles.
The Amount he lost was roughly $25,000.
He assumes that some friend of his tipped off about the inventory value to someone else. Also, for the most part, he isn't a liar, although he's Russian (This guy is a Good Russian). He has also told me that he is going to get a copy of the Statement from the Police.
Some Proofs he sent me:
Proof #1 (In Russian)
Proof #2
I made this post because he told me to, and also because I want some serious views on this topic, im not making any attempt to troll and I'm really trying to help him out. Really looking forward to finding solutions for him, any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and have a nice day.

Also passt nächste mal auf Leute, es kann auch euch treffen 😂

Edit: Original Link ->
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8BitArmy 2342 Beiträge
Und genau deshalb ist mein Inventory auf privat!

Spaß beiseite: kann ich ehrlich gesagt nicht so ganz glauben. Erst mal abwarten, was noch so die nächsten Tage ans Licht kommt.
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cLAYY 17 Beiträge
Geschichten aus dem PaulanergarteN.
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G4merHoly Threadersteller 194 Beiträge
cLAYY:Geschichten aus dem PaulanergarteN.

I have a friend (Canadian) who makes a lot from betting but sucks at the trading/selling part. He found someone local looking to spend a thousand on a knife and wanted to meet at the Eaton centre. They talked and would meet in the food court. When he got there there was this overweight underwashed man who pulled a little Wal-Mart flip knife hidden inside his sweater and threatened to stab him if he didn't hand over the phone. In a mall... He pulled a knife... My friend walked towards the nearest full table telling him "you'll never make it out of the mall with my phone what makes you think you would get out after stabbing me" and upon hearing that the whole group looked over. I'm told the guy ran faster than any track runner in great shape.

Keine Ahnung, glaube auch das das Fake ist. Aber vorstellen kann ich es mir schon, ich meine es ist halt nicht wenig Kohle und manche Menschen machen einfach alles für Geld :D
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-PeaceMaker- 48 Beiträge
cLAYY:Geschichten aus dem PaulanergarteN.

hhahaha made my day
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ihlo 6 Beiträge
cLAYY:Geschichten aus dem PaulanergarteN.

hhahaha made my day

+ 1 xD
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RAiNYXZ 0 Beiträge
Wenn das war ist Fresse ich nen Besen und stells auf YT
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.5113881. 0 Beiträge
Ich find das Impressum von Nooky nicht :D Jemand nen Tip? :D:D:D
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KnuellePrall 104 Beiträge
^^ so kopieren die leute ihre Skins heut zu tage. Einfach mal ne geschichte auf Reddit stellen das einem jeder glaubt. Schnell nen Mate die Skins getradet - Support angeschrieben mit der geschichte + Reddit link . Ez :P
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.5113881. 0 Beiträge
Wegen sowas würde Steam never Skins wieder herstellen ;) Das ist nicht McDonalds wo sich nen Kind am Plastik-Löffel geschnitten hat und deswegen dann ein Riesen Presse Rummel entsteht und McDonalds das Kind lebenslang kostenlos Geburtstage feiern lässt damit sie nicht auf heller und Pfennig verklagt werden.

Steam stellt immer weniger Skins wieder. Das klassische Duplizieren der Skins über die "Social-Hack" Methoden funktionieren alle nicht mehr, außer man hat das Glück einen Supporter zu geraten der es dann doch durchwinkt aber auch das wird immer mehr eingedämmt.
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msi 0 Beiträge
01/21/2016 - Today at 2:40 I was approached by 4 guys from the 2 of them were their guns...

Zwei von ihnen waren also ihre eigenen Waffen? 3deep5me.

sry für ot :D

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