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Release Notes for 11/4/2019

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Blacksilver Threadersteller 50 Beiträge
2019.11.04 - CS

[ MAPS ]

– Breach has been updated to the latest version from Steam Community Workshop and is now available in Scrimmage mode on official servers.

Bombsite A
– Redesigned A long
– Removed entrance walls
– Removed pit
– Added blinds to A window
– Moved globe monument slightly
– Blocked access to top of SWAT van

Bombsite B
– Replaced vents with electrical room
– Reworked cover placement
– Improved bombsite markings

– Reduced number of firing angles in mid
– Redesigned B connector
– T paths to lower and upper mid have been combined
– CTs cannot push upper mid as quickly
– Fixed unintended angles in lower mid

– Redesigned CT spawn
– Removed glass in various places
– Fixed a bug where enemies outside of B could be spotted from mid
– Replaced the wall outside of B with a chain link fence – enjoy the view!
– Improved clipping
– Fix bomb stuck spots

– Cache has been updated to the latest version from Steam Community Workshop.

-Visual improvements and visibility increases map-wide.
-Fixed FPS drops in Z caused by bad model collision mesh. (Thanks Oakz!)
-Allowed planting closer to A site fence.
-Fixed pixel-walk on A site. (Thanks ALJN!)
-Fixed bomb-stuck spot by squeaky entrance from T side.
-Allowed players to hop onto forklift without crouch-jumping.
-Fixed bomb passing through B ramp displacement. (Thanks jorba666!)
-Fixed unusual collisions for grenades at Mid Boost.
-Fixed ability to see under cover at B. (Thanks g0gerff!)
-Fixed getting stuck on ladder at Mid. (Thanks wTy_!)
-Lowered boxes in corner of A Main. (Thanks Don Haci!)
-Fixed several wallbang bugs

– Seaside is no longer available in Scrimmage mode on official servers.


– Mac10 UV map has been updated.
– Mac10 cavity map updated to fix wear pattern discrepancies.
– If you have workshop feedback please send mail to CSGOTeamFeedback[at] with “Workshop” in the subject line.

[ MISC ]

– New users will now default to Casual game mode.

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Mauric3TV 41 Beiträge
Breach ignoriere ich jetzt Mal :D

Cache - Verbesserungen aber immer noch nicht perfekt. Zumindest wird weiter effektiv daran gearbeitet.
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Hippopotamus47 267 Beiträge
Super Breach wurde weiter bearbeitet, haben wir schon vermisst.

Werde mir heute Abend mal die Änderungen genauer ansehen.

Hoffe sie kommt in den activen Mappool für MM =)

Ist eine der gelungeren Workshopmaps die es derzeit gibt!
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Blacksilver Threadersteller 50 Beiträge
Breach habe ich auch komplett ignoriert. Zokke aber auch weniger als früher 🤔

Cache finde ich schön, dass dran gearbeitet wird. Mal schauen, wie es am Ende aussehen wird und wie man als Team Retaken kann 🤔

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