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[DIV 4+/3 Relegation] The Uncaged Looking for Coach/Analyst

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Team Name: The Uncaged // Twitter
Organisation: eWolves
Current Division: DIV 4.5 (Playing DIV 3 Relegations)
➟ We are also looking to add a COACH and/or ANALYST to the roster.

The Uncaged is currently looking at adding both a Coach and Analyst to our team to elevate the team's performance and improve its current stratbook. The team currently boasts a strong 5-man core, with 2 Germans, 1 Dutch, 1 UK and 1 Singapore player. The entire team is ENGLISH speaking (but we have German speakers as well). However, comms will be conducted in English in-game. As a unit, our team goes beyond just playing CSGO, with common interest and friendships shared in both sports and other games. We have a big intent on ensuring that bonds stay within the team to build trust and better teamwork, without minor failures causing self-implosion of the team.

Team League History:
99Damage Season 14 Starter 24: 1st Place – 12:0
99Damage Season 15 DIV 4: 1st Place – 11:1
Currently the team plays in DIV 4.5 and have qualified to play in the DIV 3 relegations on 1st & 2nd August 2020.

Team Structure:
CAPTAIN/ENTRY: Aston ‘Dr.Péssimist’ Tan | STEAM // FACEIT
IGL/AWPER: Tom ‘Gozi’ Honkoop | STEAM // FACEIT
ENTRY: Simon ‘SimonQq’ Godulla | STEAM // FACEIT
SUPPORT: Max ‘Fanyx’ Steinwand | STEAM // FACEIT
SUPPORT: Conor ‘Kess’ Lynch | STEAM // FACEIT

What We Offer:
- TS3 Server / Discord Server (Mainly using Discord)
- Prac Server
- Supportive Management System
- Strong team community
- Ambition to go even further and improve ourselves
- Casted Matches (Officials ONLY)
- Fun team environment
- Opportunities for further development within the team/organization
- Additional team funding provided

Coach/Analyst Application Requirements:
➟ 3k Hours (Minimum)
➟ Coaching / Analyst Experience is a +++
➟ Age is not a factor, maturity is required for the role (Greater experience is a +)
➟ Large scale experience playing within teams (Higher division experience is a +)
➟ Able to provide a larger in-depth view of strats
➟ Wants to contribute towards improving our strat book
➟ Good English Speaking

Aston ‘Dr.Péssimist’ Tan > STEAM: (Comment on my profile prior to adding!)

Thank you! We look forward to viewing your application! 😊

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