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Internationales Team sucht +2 (Div.3)

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Apixz Threadersteller 250 Beiträge
3 Leute suchen Spieler, da wir vermutlich Div.3 spielen werden, wäre es von Vorteil wenn wir einen zweiten/dritten Deutschen Spieler finden, da wir ein Internationales Team sind.
Deswegen wird der Post auch in English bleiben:

Two romanians and two germans are looking for a 5th player to grind the whole summer and participate in as many small leagues and tournaments to prepare our way into main/inter qualification cups in the end of summer.
What we can offer
- First of all a server to play our scrims
- 4 friendly guys who are dedicated and open minded to progress and grind.
- A great atmosphere in and outside the practice time
- All of us has over 2 season of esea open struggle which we are ready to break through
- All lv 10 (if that matters to you)
What we are looking for
- As a role a rifler ideally around lv 10 / A but not crucial as we will try you out first.
- A dedicated person who is willing to pracc around 5-6 days per week this summer(of course everyone will have some off day this is just to make an idea)
- A mature person who is willing to take constructive critisism and give aswell.
- A non toxic person whith a friendly personality who is looking to have fun and win at the same time
- A decent experience in a team, which is not crucial if you are willing to learn fast and adapt to the team needs

If you are willing to apply to our team complete this and we will hit you soon:
Google Doc
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Loros2202 1 Beitrag
habe dir auf Google Docs ne "Bewerbung" geschickt :)
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b M o 146 Beiträge
Gibts auch Teamlinks/Spielerlinks von euch? bin grad zu faul die "bewerbung" auszufüllen, kanns aber nachholen
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Kyltos 72 Beiträge
add wenn interesse :D macht keine spielchen mit "bewerbung" :D

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