General Rules for Professional CS:GO Competitions

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The following rules apply for all Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitions that are organized and profesionally broadcasted by 99Damage / Freaks 4U Gaming.

Besides these general regulations for professional tournaments, there are several individual rules for each competition. You will find these on the particular tournament website.

1. General

1.1 Administration & Announcements

1.1.1 Everybody who is authorized by Freaks 4U Gaming to administrate the competition based on its rules and regulations will be called an "admin" or “referee" in the following, the collectivity of all admins will be called the "administration". A list of the current referees can be found on the 99Damage Staff Page and - if existing - on the website of the competition.

1.1.2 Any news article posted on and/or the official competition website serves as an official announcement for the competition.

1.1.3 Official announcements as well as statements of referees at any place (e.g. competition website, support ticket reply, skype, steam) can ignore or overrule the following rules in order to make the competition as fair as possible. In case of contradicting declarations, the most recent announcement or admin statement counts.

1.2 Participants & Teams

Every real person - unless officially banned - with a valid Steam account is allowed to participate in the competition and will be called "participant" in the following. Participants joining a team in order to fulfill the minimum required amount of team members will be called a "team" in the following.

1.3 Commitments

1.3.1 By attending the competition participants acknowledge without limitation to comply with the rules and regulations, official announcement, and with the statements and decisions made by the referees.

1.3.2 Every participant acknowledges the right for the administration to modify the rules and regulations for adjustments at any time without notice.

1.3.3 Every participant has to show the needed respect towards referees and other participants. Insults and unfair or disrespectful behaviour towards anyone are not tolerated and will be punished.

1.3.4 Every participant must always have the newest version of Steam and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive installed and has to check for updates in time before each match. Unless a new version comes out right before the match, patching is not a valid reason to delay it.

1.3.5 Every team accepts the official schedule of the competition and declares its ability to be available during these times.

1.3.6 Every team and participant has to try to win every game at every stage of the competition. Purposefully losing for any reason is strictly forbidden.

1.4 Communication

The primary communication platform is Skype. At least one member of each team has to be available as much as possible, and - if there is one - stay inside the official skype group until the team gets eliminated from the competition.

2. Teams & Players

2.1 Team Size

A Team has to consist of at least five participants. Those persons will be called "team members" or "members" of the team in the following.

Note: The administration highly recommends a lineup of at least 6 or 7 players. Unexpected issues for one single player are not a valid reason to postpone matches.

2.2 Lineup Info

2.2.1 All teams have to provide the administration the following information upon request:
  • full names of all members
  • Steam accounts of all members
  • primary nicknames of all members
  • nationality of all members
  • identity of the captain and optionally of the manager
  • clan logo (100x100px or bigger)
  • Skype account of the captain and/or manager
2.2.2 The team's official lineup for the competition is its teamprofile on and can be found in our team database.

2.3 Lineup Changes

2.3.1 Team members can be removed anytime as long as at least five members are left. To request a removal, the captain or manager of the team or the affected member himself has to contact an admin about it.

2.3.2 A new member can only be added during the competition, if he hasn't played a game for another team inside the competition. To request an addition, the captain or manager of the team has to provide the administration all additional information to comply with rule 2.2

2.3.3 If any data about the team needs to be changed, the captain or manager of the team can request this towards an admin at any time. If any data of a specific team member needs to be changed, the participant or his captain or manager can request this towards an admin at any time.

2.3.4 If another team member than before should be declared captain or manager of a team, this has to be confirmed by either the current (old) captain/manager or at least four other members of the team.

2.4 Stand-ins

2.4.1 Besides the official members a team has the right to use another person as a player during a match, if this person meets the following requirement: He is not member of another team or has played a game for another team within the competition. This person will be called "stand-in" in the following.

2.4.2 The amount of maximum stand-ins to be used in the competition in general might be specified in the individual tournament rules. The maximum numbers of Stand-Ins for one match is two.

2.5 Ingame Names
Players have to use their original nickname ingame.

3. Schedule & Punctuality

3.1 Game times

3.1.1 The official schedule of the competition will be announced on and/or on the competition's website. The teams will also be informed about it via Skype. This schedule includes the time of each match which represents the start time of game 1 of the match.

3.1.2 If a delayed end of a previous match prohibits a match to start on schedule (due to either one of the involved teams still playing or the official broadcaster still streaming the previous match within the same tournament), the match time is changed to 5 minutes after the end of the previous match.

3.1.3 In a match consisting of more than one game, the official start time of each following game is set to 5 minutes after the end of the previous game.

3.2 Rescheduling

The change of a match time is only possible under exceptional circumstances and has to be confirmed by the administration.

3.3 Punctuality

3.3.1 If a team is not ready to start a game in time, the following punishments will be applied by the referee:
  • 10 minutes late => Default loss for the first map in a Bo3
  • 15 minutes late => Default loss for the whole match
X minutes late means that the team is not ready to start until X minutes after the official start time of the game or the join call of the admin.

3.3.2 In case of extraordinary circumstances, the referee may decide to abstain from the punishment.

4. Hosting & Settings

4.1 Server Hosting

4.1.1 Every game is played on an official 99Damage Server. The teams receive the password from the admin about 15 minutes before the match time in Skype. At least one member of each team has to be present at that time to communicate with the opponents and administration.

4.1.2 Participants are not allowed to pass the password on to anyone but the other members of his team and the stand-in(s) for the match.

4.1.3 Every Player has to install EasyAntiCheat and has to use it during the matches. Every player has to start EAC first and then CS:GO.

4.2 Spectators
Only referees, official broadcasters, 99Damage staff members, anyone authorized by a referee, and the ten players are allowed to be inside the game. In general coaching on the server is not allowed, unless stated otherwise by the individual competition rules.

4.3 Game Settings
All matches will be played on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive servers with the latest game patch of “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”. A knife round will determine who will start as Counter-Terrorists (CT) and as Terrorists (T).

A match consits of 30 rounds. Each team has to play 15 rounds as Counter-Terrorists (CT) and 15 rounds as Terrorists (T). The team winning 16 rounds out of 30 wins the match.

4.4 Overtime
If a stalemate occurs after 30 rounds (15:15), one (1) or more overtimes decides the winner of the match. Overtime will be played with max rounds three (3) and startmoney 10000 (10K).

4.5 Clientsettings
The usage of scripts is strictly forbidden except buy, toggle & demo scripts.

5. During a game

5.1 Picks & Bans

5.1.1 The mappool consists of the following seven (7) maps:
• de_nuke
• de_mirage
• de_train
• de_cache
• de_dust2
• de_overpass
• de_cobblestone

5.1.2 Mapvotes will be done before the match starts.

5.1.3 For “Best-of-One” matches (Bo1) both teams alternately eliminate one (1) map until only one (1) maps is left (A-B-A-B-A-B). The remaining map will be played. The team mentioned first in the matchdetails starts with the procedure (is team A).

5.1.4 For “Best-of-Three” matches (Bo3) both teams alternately eliminate one (1) map until only three (3) maps are left (A-B-A-B). Then team A picks the first map and team B the second. The remaining map will be map 3. The team mentioned first in the matchdetails starts with the procedure (is team A).

5.2 Demos
Every participant has to record a demo for each map. Demos also have to include knife rounds and overtimes if played. Demos have to be saved at least for one week after the match and have to be provided to the administration upon request.

5.3 Screenshots
Every team has to take a scoreboard screenshot after the match.

5.4 Pauses & Disconnects

5.4.1 Pauses are only possible during freeztime. Teams can call a pause via the ingame match bot command. If a match bot is not connected to the server,the server referee has to be informed via chat about the pause, so the server referee can then pause the match accordingly.

5.4.2 In case of disconnects the match has to be paused until the disconnected player is reconnected. The participants have to involve a referee if the problem appears frequently. If a player cant't continue the game or has to be replaced right before the game, a Stand-In can be used in accordance with rule 2.4. If a round was already started before the disconnect, this round has to be played out and the match is pause during the next freeztime.

5.5 Bugs
If any serious bugs occur, the game has to be paused immediately and the administration decides how to continue. Knowingly abusing a bug is strictly forbidden.

6. Coverage
6.1 In general observers are not permitted unless a referee allows it.

6.2 Referees, official broadcasting partners (videostreams) and coverage partners are always permitted to observe any match.

7. Rule Violation & Punishment

7.1 Breaking of the rules or ignoring the order of an admin may result in a punishment for a whole team or a specific player. Type and amount is chosen by a referee.

7.2 Possible Team Punishments
  • Default Loss for one game
  • Default Loss for the whole match
  • Score Reduction (during a group stage)
  • Prize Money Reduction
  • Temporary or permanent ban from the competition
  • Ban from other 99Damage / Freaks 4U Gaming competitions
7.3 Possible Player Punishments
  • Temporary ban from the competition
  • Permanent ban from the competition
  • Ban from other 99Damage / Freaks 4U Gaming competitions
7.4 Rule violations in other tournaments

Heavy rule violations on external Counter-Strike: Global Offensive leagues or tournaments may also result in punishments for 99Damage / Freaks 4U Gaming competitions.

8. Prizes & Prize Distribution

8.1 All prize money transfers are handled via PayPal or bank transfer. Under certain circumstances a transfer via Western Union is also possible but needs the approval of a Tournament Supervisor. Other payment methods are not accepted. The prize money will only be transferred to the team leader. The team leader has to make sure every member of his team will get his adequate percentage of the prize money.

8.2 For hardware prizes, the team needs to provide shipping details to the administration.

8.3 The prizes and prize distribution is specified in the individual competition rules.

9. Legal Process

Legal proceedings are not permitted.

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