99Damage Arena

Rules & Format

  • 5 teams fight over a 3,000 USD prize pool in a King of the Hill format.
  • There are 4 matches (BO3) and the prize money increases with every match by 300 USD.
  • Winner of match #1 gets 300 USD, match #2 is for 600 USD, match #3 for 900 USD and match #4 for 1,200 USD.
  • By winning a match, the team qualifies themselves for the next match.
  • The team who wins the last match becomes the Arena Champion and is automatically invited for the last match of the next edition of the 99Damage Arena.
  • By winning matches teams earn points in order to qualify for the 99Damage Masters. One point for match #1, two points for match #2, three points for match #3 and seven points for the Arena Champion.
  • One season consists of five 99Damage Arenas and one 99Damage Masters. The ranking points only count for one season.


  • Dust2
  • Inferno
  • Overpass
  • Train
  • Mirage
  • Cache
  • Cobblestone
Overtime Rules:
  • mp_maxround 6, mp_startmoney 10000 (MR3, 10k)
Mapveto System (BO3):
  • Team A bans one of the 7 maps
  • Team B bans one of the remaining 6 maps
  • Team A bans one of the remaining 5 maps
  • Team B bans one of the remaining 4 maps
  • Team A picks one of the remaining 3 maps
  • Team B picks one of the remaining 2 maps
  • Last remaining map is played in case of a tie between the teams.
  • Sides on each map are decided via kniferounds

Broadcasting is provided via Dailymotion Games

Servers are provided by shark systems
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