HolyMaster schrieb am 16.12.2014, 13:50 CET:
Woodsy schrieb am 09.01.2015, 03:19 CET:
frostmourne240 schrieb am 02.02.2015, 12:22 CET:
Woodsy schrieb:
wallensteiN schrieb am 02.02.2015, 14:36 CET:
4th guesbook comment ever ayy
QUESO schrieb am 02.02.2015, 15:38 CET:
hAngover schrieb am 02.02.2015, 19:12 CET:
Dyraxi schrieb am 22.02.2015, 16:25 CET:
irfon23 schrieb am 02.03.2015, 12:40 CET:
excuse me.. we from indonesia playing for ESL one SE ASIA qualification.. our opponent from ukraine.. is that ok??

editiert von irfon23 am 02.03.2015, 12:52 CET
crowts7 schrieb am 02.03.2015, 12:55 CET:

DUELDUEL not coming.
JIN OF THE GALE schrieb am 02.03.2015, 12:57 CET:
SIR we didnt had our match so we lost???
melex4 schrieb am 02.03.2015, 12:58 CET:
Request Forfeit Please Admin
not there was absolutely no one :)
BraveLaNcer schrieb am 02.03.2015, 13:33 CET:
sorry to bother sir.
U said the bracket can be fixed.the match

ive already posted the score just now.K2 win.screenshot provided.
torresmo schrieb am 09.03.2015, 03:15 CET:

where do I report this attitude...
melexander schrieb am 09.04.2015, 18:28 CEST:
hello... help us pls... we just wanna play our match...
asran_klr schrieb am 23.04.2015, 05:48 CEST:
Hi, im from Ecuador, my team and I, want participate in the JDL, in the Ecuador division, how can we do it?
The Lich King schrieb am 26.04.2015, 04:36 CEST:
Hey mate, listen we are about to play our first game with some Bulgarian team here, but their captain is nowhere to be found, i cant contact him so apparantly we cant play the game. What should we do mate. Tnx in advance
miracleassassins schrieb am 21.05.2015, 06:26 CEST:
Hi. our Starter division 3 Admin is not active lately. please solve that problem. I alrdy report (Opponent is not available) support ticket but nothing change. please check sir.
pentatonek schrieb am 21.05.2015, 13:42 CEST:
hi.. our enemy was not around.. we are in round 2 please help to update our win.. thanks
we are the pacificWeplay
d4n13L schrieb am 08.06.2015, 12:43 CEST:
abbacha1 schrieb am 18.08.2015, 19:04 CEST:
i wana add you in steam :D ?
Wolfsl34n3 schrieb am 25.08.2015, 13:53 CEST:
hello bro u there?
Park1681 schrieb am 25.08.2015, 14:22 CEST:
i cant update the score on corsair gaming arena. can help? pls
Pizzashop24 schrieb am 11.10.2015, 09:15 CEST:
Wenn man deine Beschreibung übersetzt steht da: fresse halt die fresse halt die halt fresse die fresse halt die halt
raychard schrieb am 24.10.2015, 09:56 CEST:
Can u help me? removing my steam link on my 1st account? cuz i cant login. so i want to remove my steamlink on my 1st account
Radolo2 schrieb am 22.12.2015, 02:35 CET:
Como puedo inscribir ami equipo ?

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